Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sebasticook Lake, Newport, ME

Yesterday, Halis, Isaac and I went into town for some ice cream. By "divine providence", we met some really great guys who just moved to this area from Seattle, Washington. They came to live with their dad, Larry (a.k.a. Papa). They are James and Kevin. And they are all Unititarian-Universalists! Kevin is a divinity counselor and James teaches guitar and hand drums. It was a wonderful conversation and we look forward to getting together with them soon.

After enjoying some delicious banana boats, we three headed for a "dip" in Sebasticook Lake. There was a storm approaching, but we managed to get in some quality "rock-throwing" time.

Here are some photos:

Isaac and Daddy throwing rocks from the dock.

Isaac throwing rocks at the camera. Oops!

Sunset at Sebasticook Lake, Newport, Maine.