Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Tree Hunting with the Renshaw / Sirimoglu / Dana / Pehrson / Goodale Family !

Every year at Christmastime, our best friends - the Goodales - and their family head to Piper Mountain in search of the perfect Christmas tree for each of their homes. This has been their family tradition for years, and this year we were invited! And it was SO much fun. We hope to do it evey year from now on.

Thank you to Johnny and Deanna for inviting us :) Now we KNOW we are "family".

Here are the highlights:

Melissa, Heath, Isaac, Halis, Sydney, Meaghan, Devon & Matt

Isaac in awe of the tree.

Melissa climbs the tree that she wants so that no one else can have it!

Isaac and his Mommy.
The prey has been "taken down" and the hunter shows off his "game".
Meanwhile, Meaghan attempts to cut down her own tree. It only took her 2 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes. We are so proud :)
Halis and Heath having a chuckle.
And the former football player lifts his tree high over his head, while ...
... the computer techie drags his. He is no fool!
Melissa REALLY preferred this tree, as she could fit more presents underneath it, but Heath wanted something a little less, well ... a little less ugly.
This is US.
My son never wants to smile in family photos. He always looks like we have taken him prisoner. And Meaghan is rubbing the chapstick on her lips. But hey, Halis and I are smiling!
Grandpy and Auntie Missy show Isaac how to make a snowball.
Johnny says this one has Melissa's name written all over it.
What an arm on this one!
Look out, Devon knows what he is doing! He has a snowball and he's not afraid to use it.
Grandpy and Meaghan exchange snowballs. Although it looks like Grandpy may have won this battle.
Sydney, Meaghan, Grandpy, Devon & Missy.
Auntie threw a small snowball at Isaac's feet, and he thought it was wonderful!
Meaghan took a few hits.
Jodi took one hit on the head ... and judging from the background of the picture, so did Grandpy.
Hey, what are all those "nuts" doing in that tree?
Ok, now off to the sleigh rides ...
Isaac, Halis and Matt get cozy on the sleigh ride.
We say goodbye to the horses, and eachother.
What an AWESOME day!