Sunday, August 27, 2006

American Folk Festival, 2006

WOW! We had an absolute blast at this year's American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine. Halis, Meaghan, Isaac and I did alot of dancing, visiting with friends, parading, walking the river, dancing, and more dancing. We danced to Salsa, Zydeco and music from the Bahamas.

Now, we have always known that Meg has her own unique rhythm but we were blown away to discover that Isaac's got his own unique moves as well ... at only 17 months old. He loved the music and just kept on dancing. He created quite a crowd during the Zydeco performance. And later in the evening, he had the young ladies swept off their feet with his smooth moves. (See Isaac's dance video below):

Meaghan enjoyed quite a special treat when she was chosen out of a huge crowd to be the young lady to join the Bahama Junkanoo Revue for their parade grande finale. A lovely lady from the group called her over to wear a traditional headress and to dance with the group. Meaghan was beaming! It was such a great experience for her. And as Halis pointed out, Meaghan tends to get chosen for special music related experiences like this. There must be a larger musical plan for her.

As for Halis and I, we just enjoyed dancing and playing with the kids. We have attended the Folk Festival for years without any kids ... and we must say that we enjoyed it far more with them then without.

BY THE WAY ... if you have never attended the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine ... GO! It is wonderful and it is free to everyone.